Arena Homme+ Korea, October 2013

Arena Homme+ Korea, October 2013

1. Can you please give a brief introduction of yourselves?

We met at the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2006 and studied menswear design together. We had different backgrounds – Abdul was in the US military and Greg worked in basketball – but shared a love of design. Abdul went to design for Engineered Garments and Greg went to Ralph Lauren. After a few years of working for other companies, we decided to collaborate on a new project: evolving menswear for the 21st century. And that project became Abasi Rosborough.

2. What sort of brand is “Abasi Rosborough?”

Abasi Rosborough is less of a brand and more of a paradigm. We developed Abasi Rosborough to be a conversation about the future, innovation, and menswear – where we believe things are going and how they should change. As Abraham Lincoln said; “the best way to predict the future is to create it”, and that is what we are doing.

3. If you were to pick an item that is representative of your brand, what would it be?

The Abasi Rosborough ARC Jacket. It is the epitome of what we are trying to create: a completely innovative menswear garment, hand-canvassed, but which still lends an air of composure and sophistication to the wearer. And its reversible.

4. How has your experience at Engineered Garments influence your career? (For Abdul Abasi)

My experience at Engineered Garments has been quite educational. Spending my formative years working with Nepenthes/EG has given me a well rounded apprenticeship and I’ve learned everything from production and design to sales, art direction, and branding.

5. We’ve heard that you’ve worked with Ralph Lauren. How has your experience there influence your career? (For Greg Rosborough)

Ralph Lauren was an incredible experience – it was like graduate school for menswear design. The most valuable lesson that I took away from there was that telling a compelling story is one of the most important things a brand can do.

6. Who is your favorite photographer and why?

Abdul: Henri Cartier-Bresson. He is the godfather of “the decisive moment” and the way he applied composition to photography really elevated the medium in my opinion. 

Greg: Edward Curtis. I just finished reading a book about his epic but tragic life and realized that no other body of photographic work will achieve what he was able to do.

7. If you were to express your personal fashion style in one word, what would it be?

Abdul: Monochromatic. Greg: Versatile.

8. What is the fashion item that you enjoy the most?

Abdul: Abasi Rosborough ARC Jacket. Greg: Abasi Rosborough ARC Jacket.

9. What is your most precious possession? (Not necessarily a fashion item.)

Abdul: Health. Greg: Fearlessness.

10. Who is your favorite style icon? The person who you think is the coolest, not necessarily a famous person.

Abdul: Yohji Yamamoto. Greg: Joel Kinnaman in The Killing (an American TV show).

11. Is there a neighborhood or place that you frequent the most in New York?

Abdul: Brooklyn and the Garment District. Greg: Fort Greene and Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn.

12. What do you think is the most trendy thing right now in New York? Not just in fashion but in overall lifestyle.

Abdul: The high/low fashion look. Designer clothes mixed with Air Jordans for example.

Greg: Authenticity in everything. Across different facets, people are striving to be more authentic, more natural, more real. Be the best version of you.

13. What is the thing that interests you the most these days? What do you find interesting and fun outside of work?

Abdul: Photography and visual art. I love checking out the galleries in Chelsea.

Greg: At the moment it seems like my life is my work, which is great. I also love running my dog.

14. What do you usually do in your rest time?

Abdul: make photos, sketch, read, watch movies. Greg: read, watch movies, cook.

15. Can you tell us one thing that is the best thing about living in New York?

Abdul: The constant inspriration and vibrant creative energy of having the world’s best and brightest in one location, all trying to make their dreams a reality.

Greg: I love the layers of New York. The city is a mix of architecture, ideas, and people from everywhere and across centuries – the past, present, and future all coexist here.

16. If you were to define what ‘New York style’ is according to your standards, what would it be?

Abdul: Utilitarian – you don’t have a car here so instead you have a bag, and jackets with pockets, things have work day to night – all about utility.

Greg: Versatility. You go from the subway to the office, to the gym, to a date, to a party, to a million unforeseen adventures. Your clothes have to be versatile.

17. Could you please tell us what your future plans are?

Abdul: Continue to do what I love. Greg: Pursue what I’m passionate about and take risks.