A Vision For 2020

The journey into the future of sustainable design using 3D visualization and VR tech begins here.


October 24, 2019. Abasi Rosborough partnered with Lexus, CLO Virtual Fashion, Squarespace, and Nike to launch the company’s new 3D visualization initiative. Designs and tailoring will now be released monthly via CGI on the day that the designs are completed. This speed is a quantum leap forward from the traditional fashion model in which initial sketch to garment in-store takes a year or more. The technology gives clients a glimpse into the Abasi Rosborough design studio and allows for a leaner model that takes cues from just-in-time production, eliminates excessive clothing from being made, and minimizes the brand’s carbon footprint by cutting out multiple prototypes, fittings, and photoshoots.

Simon Kim, CEO of CLO Virtual Fashion, the company behind the 3D software said, “It’s impressive to see how Abasi Rosborough has worked with our technology to not only design and execute their new collection, but how they pushed it further, building a model around it, streamlining the design decision making and manufacturing processes. We built the software meticulously to be true-to-life and we are grateful to see designers using the technology to its full potential.”

Abasi Rosborough 3D Design 1.png
Abasi Rosborough 3D Design 2.png
Abasi Rosborough 3D Design 3.jpg

Abasi Rosborough is using the technology for faster prototyping and immediate client feedback, as Abdul Abasi, co-founder of Abasi Rosborough explains, “We make the suits for people who don’t have to wear suits but choose to. We found that they are willing to wait a few weeks to get something custom and special. This month we will launch our new designs using 3D visualization. When client reaction is strong, we take orders and make the clothing. If not, we can now change colors, or delete the file and start over, without a wasted stitch being sewn.”

Greg Rosborough, co-founder of Abasi Rosborough adds, “Imagine a world where there is no unwanted clothing in the market. Everything newly made is spoken for. Minimal wastage. No sales discounts at the end of the season. Yes, this is a utopian vision, but our times demand that we think in new ways. Every day we read the headlines about global warming, pollution of the fashion industry, how big retailers are failing. We want to be part of the solution, and we’ve built a model backed by tech that is powerful, to share and build upon with other designers.”